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Casual Settings polished aluminum servware is sold through Home Shows and public and private club events.  If you wish to purchase product outside of these events please call your Home Consultant or go to Contact Us and you can order any product over the phone.  We can ship directly to your home  anywhere in the United States.  

Polished aluminum serveware from Casual Settings has been handmade by skilled artisans. Each design is created by pouring molten aluminum alloy into individual sand molds, then buffed and polished entirely by hand, making no two pieces alike.  The art of sand casting leaves marks in every piece, which are not flaws, but actually enhances the character and charm of each handmade design.  To keep your tarnish free pieces brilliant for years to come, please follow these simple care instructions:

Always hand-wash your serveware in mild soap and water, drying immediately.  Never put your piece in the dishwasher, it can mar the finish, as will the minerals from water drops if left to air dry.

Slight pitting and surface imperfections are expected in this handmade product.  These markings are part of the unique character of each piece and are not product flaws.

All serveware pieces hold a chill beautifully and can be warmed up to 350 degrees to go from oven to table.  As with any metal surface, utensils may cause scratches.  Avoid cutting directly on serveware.

Prolonged storage of acidic foods may cause surface discolorations.  Coat your pieces lightly with vegetable oil or non-stick spray when serving these types of foods.

Our serveware will not tarnish and does not require regular polishing.  Should your serveware need brightening, a non-abrasive metal polish is recommended.  It also can eliminate small surface scratches.

Polished aluminum from Casual Settings meets FDA food-safe requirements.  You may chill or warm your foods and serve with confidence and style.